Project 3, 11a


“When you start to lie so much that you get yourself caught up in almost this false reality of what the lie was but it may not have happened, but if you can convinve yourself of it than that’s your reality.”

“I started to see past the fact that they’re artist. And I started to realize that they’re an idea. They’re question something huge they’re questioning not just art or whether art is a lie. They’re questioning reality, and whether we even know what is reality.”

I fucking loved your insights and the way you had articulated your answers.

I’m not trying to to pick out favourites or anything, but I have to say, I’m excited and lookforward to reading more of your insights in this class.

Now you make me want to re-read the book again.
I already got out SO MUCH from it the first time around, but I feel that I will get even MORE from it the second time again.
Thank you.

Dan Tam Pham

Project One!

Hi guys, hope P1 is going well… or at least that you’re surviving. We are “throwing you in the deep end,” but don’t panic, just one step at a time – all the steps are pretty doable.

Your 2 big links this week are to the “EYEWTKA” page which has short demo videos for everything you need to do this week:

And to the Facebook group where plenty of your classmates and some great TA’s have been busy sharing info, answering questions, solving problems. You should definitely check-in there if you need help.

For videos, above is the “pep talk,” below is the description of what we’re up to this week, and below that is a couple vids of students in action!

See you in class!

— Glenn

Oh, btw, here’s the licenses peeps have chosen for their work so far:
Creative Commons Attribution: 47
Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike: 9
Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives: 5
Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial: 27
Creative Commons Attribution NonCom ShareAlike: 5
Creative Commons Attribution NonCom NoDeriv: 11
Copyright All Rights Reserved: 6
Public Domain: 5

Speaking of your virtual chairs… and speaking of picking a license for your work… we’d like to put 9a & 11a boxes in the Virtual CSULB Art Store that will give away batches of your chairs so you can see what your classmates did, enjoy them, and perhaps use them in your own virtual art gallery.

But we also want to respect the licenses we made you go to the trouble to choose for your content. We really need everything you make in SL to be “full perm” (Yes Modify, Yes Transfer, Yes Copy) because you’ll have so many team problems on your gallery if they aren’t. But we won’t give away modifyable chairs if you chose a no derivatives license.

So here’s what we’ll do:
Chairs with these licenses will NOT be included in the full perm give-away boxes:
♦ Copyright All Rights Reserved
♦ CC No Derivatives
♦ CC NonCom NoDeriv

Chairs with all the other licenses can, I think, be reasonably included in the Art Store give-away boxes:
♥ CC Attribution
♥ CC Share Alike
♥ CC Non Commercial
♥ CC NonCom ShareAlike
♥ Public Domain

Note that as a content creator you have the right to license every item you create differently. You can say, this photograph is copyright all rights reserved, this song is CC-Attribution, this video is CC-A-NonCommercial. So you’re not limited to just one license for everything you create, but for Art110 we’ll generally try to work with the one you specify on your wiki home page just so we don’t have 250 students x 20 licenses each! 😛

Wow… it all gets so complicated!