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Glenn Steven Zucman

photo of Glenn Zucman at Hennessey & Ingalls in Santa Monica, CA


2008 – present: Lecturer: Cypress College
2005 – present: Lecturer: CSULB
2003 – present: Art & Culture Journalist / Senior Producer, KBeach Radio
1992 – present: Art Director, Artboy
1987 – 1992 Art Director, Disneyland
1986 – 1987 Art Director, CBS Television Network
1985 – 1986 Assistant Art Director, NBC Television Network


• Intermedia/Sculpture, Long Beach State University, M.F.A., 2003. 4.0 GPA
• Social Psychology, University of Hawaii, Hilo, BA, 1983. 4.0 GPA
• Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Arts, UCLA, 1980.
• Motion Picture/Television, UCLA, 1980.


Images from interview projects
Mr. Zucman developed Border Patrol, a New Music interview program, for American Public Media. Also in production is Strange Angels, an interview program on a wide range of visual, performing, and literary arts for Kbeach Radio. In over 100 interviews Mr. Zucman has spoken with a wide spectrum of contemporary thinkers, ranging from former NEA Chairperson Dana Gioia to Nobel Laureate Francis Crick and many others.

a sampling of images from a variety of recent curatorial projects
Using a range of new media technologies: websites, blogs, social platforms, and virtual worlds, Mr. Zucman has organized over 100 virtual art gallery, installation, and performance projects with students and colleagues.

sample images from projects featuring robots vis-a-vis corporeality
From his Los Angeles-based studio Mr. Zucman creates and exhibits visual art ranging from abstract-geometric-realist portrait paintings that explore the phenomenology of human visual perception to multi-screen video installations to various robotic artworks including robotic “artists” who draw, give spiritual advice, and pursue their own search for the spiritual, all in a quest to explore the destiny of homo sapiens here in the 21st century.

Image of data from sample Location Sensation recordings
In this ongoing series of explorations of Locations and the Sensations found there, Mr. Zucman crosses geographic space with numerous remote sensing tools to record both the perceptible, and for humans, imperceptible phenomenology of the space. Recording images, sound, particulate matter, temperature, wind, humidity, pressure and radio frequency spectral analysis of a series of locations he presents the world we exist in but do not perceive, either because we have no sensitivity to given phenomena, or conversely, because as with light, we have such a wide sensitivity range, that it is difficult to perceive actual levels separate from the context of our cultural experience.

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