Hi guys, these are my University / Student evaluation scores from 2005 – 2011. I think one reason you use RateMyProfessors.com so much is that the University refuses to release these numbers to you, even though these are generated by maybe 80% of the students whereas RMP is more like 3% of the students and therefore probably less accurate / representative. So, I’m voluntarily releasing my scores.

Sometimes it takes existing systems a long time to catch up with new media modes of file sharing, whistle blowing, or other types of knowledge transmission. In many cases it’s up to culture to find ways around out-of-date yet un-updated structures. While I do think RMP comments focus a little too much on easyness and not enough on help-to-build-a-better-life-fulness, the reality is that you guys want some clue about the person you’re signing up to work with for 4 months. The university has that information, but can’t or won’t provide it to you. Therefore, I suggest that you all go to RMP and fill out forms on myself and all your other faculty. There’s no inherent reason that University evals are better than RMP, it’s just that 80% is better than 3%, so if you can go to RMP en masse, you can create a better knowledge base for yourself and your classmates to draw on.

Glenn’s ratings on RMP

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