Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About

Project 1 Fall 2012

Plaster Casting



TWO parts Plaster to ONE part water!
Dump your whole “milk carton” of plaster into an empty bucket
then add half a milk carton of water
stir vigorously till there’s no lumps
Liz Demo

Michelle Demo

Thursday February 2, 2012 @ 9:30am – 12:30pm @ Seal Beach Pier

You may go to any beach you like, on any day/time you like. Glenn & the TA’s will be at the Seal Beach Pier on Thursday during class time if you’re able to make it then, you can come work with us.

* Seal Beach Pier
* Just South of the Pier
* Just South of Tower 2
* Carpool!
* Bus Info?

* Right There – lot off 10th Street
* $3 for 2 hours
* $6 for all day

Besides the box of plaster that came in your Art110 kit you’ll need:
1. Shovel
2. Bucket

If you want to try anything fancy or large or thin… like your fraternity / sorority letters or something, you might want to bring something like chopsticks to insert as rebar.
PS: Plastic shovels & flimsy buckets tend to break in less than 60 seconds. Try raiding your parents garage for better stuff.

Carpool! Groups! Carpool! Groups! Help each other! Share stuff! Community art projects rock!


  1. Pick a spot near the water – too far ashore the sand is too dry, too close to the water… well… you know what waves do!
  2. Dig a hole you can insert an arm or leg into
  3. Insert an arm or leg
  4. Use bucket to get wet sand and have teammates pour around body part and pack it in
  5. Remove body part carefully, trying not to damage your //mold//
  6. Make one mold (or more) for each team member
  7. Put plaster & water in bucket – //stir fast & hard//
  8. Pour plaster in your molds carefully, not quickly, or it’ll damage your mold
  9. Wait about 25 minutes
  10. Use garden shovel or hands to carefully dig out your casting – //try not to break thin wrists or ankles or fingers or toes//
  11. Marvel at your creation! 🙂
  12. Take cool photos of them on the beach
  13. Post photos here on the wiki! 🙂
  14. Fill in all the holes on the beach – so nobody walks by later and falls in one!
  15. Pick up trash / clean up mess / leave beach a nice place
  16. Walk to Ruby’s, Cold Stone, etc, and eat food! 🙂

Your Blog Post

Photo: At least 5 good pictures of you at the beach making your plaster cast plus your end result.
Video: Make a short video of your experience. If you make a group video, you can each post it on your blog.

Talk about your plaster casting experience.

Do some research on any 2 of the 3D artists on this list. In your vlog talk a little bit about their work, how it speaks to you, compare the two, and see if you can draw any sort of connections between their work and your own experience casting your hand or foot on the beach.
Anette Messager
Anish Kapoor
Ana Mendieta
Carl Andre
Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen
Donald Judd
Duane Hanson
Gianlorenzo Bernini
Joseph Cornell
Karem Rashid
Marcel Duchamp
Martin Puryear
Maurizio Cattelan
Mona Hatoum
Polly Morgan
Robert Smithson
Sarah Lucas
Tim Hawkinson
Tony Cragg
Yayoi Kusama

* See Project 2 Grading Rubric on http://beachboard.csulb.edu/BeachBoard


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