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So many amazing videos!

Students from every major dove in and created so many fun, scary, sweet, sad, silly videos! Wonderful work and awesome collaboration with your classmates. Fantastic you guys! 🙂
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P9 Twins?

I was just looking over the blog posts for last week… Vanessa blogged Tayler Nicholson’s work… and Liz blogged Connor Yasuda’s work… and… IDK, is it just meeeee? I think maybe Tayler ‘n Connor shop at the same hat store!
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The end of the Eva and Franco reading *tear*sniffle*

Needless to say, i’m a huge Eva and Franco fan. I try to stay neutral seeing as i TA a class and people should have the opportunity to develop their own feelings and opinions about E&F. The most common opinion is “They are criminals”. Over the summer, Glenn, Mariha, Vanessa, and I went to a show in LA where Eva and Franco were being featured.
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…When will P4 die?!?!…

Here goes the second portion of P4. Lots of great work. I am so jealous of the groups listed below. It must be exciting to speak to working and living artists. Anyone can take a class on a dead artist and how it impacted life at that time. Since this is almost everyone’s only art class ever, might as well learn about something that’s relevant.

Anyways, onto the projects….

Ann Le

The group consists of Diamond Carter, Josie Ramirez, and Shanee Aguinaldo.

Such a cute picture. Ann Le is on the right with the glasses.

Shanee’s Vlog

Yann Novak

Group consists of Jakob Patterson, Connor Yasuda, Melly Chavez, and Jane Vu.

Jakob and Jane with Yann

A video of the meeting with Yann

A vlog by the master vlogger Connor


Isn’t Eva and Franco awesomely interesting and exciting?

I really love how enthusiastic some of you students are incorporating into these blogs. I’m amazed at how very clear, precise, analytic some of your responses as well as good speakers you are. Here are some blogs that I feel deserved to be praised.