My Dog Ate My Homework!

9a – oh gawd!!! – so sorry about today – Class2.1! 😦

My drive from Rosemead started well… the 60 and the 1st part of the 605 were breezin! And then the 605 stopped! Uggh! Blarg! 😦

Turns out there was a big accident at the 605 & the 5. I decided to get off the freeway… it took me 25 minutes to drive 3/4 miles to the next offramp. Finally off the freeway I went South on Lakewood Bl – which was under construction! One lane only! Uggh! Finally I was south of the accident and got back on the 605 which was clear… till “The Chute.”

“The Chute” is my name for the 605 South offramp onto 7th street. It’s very unpredictable. Sometimes clear. Sometimes jammed. Today, of course, jammed! It took me 11 minutes just for the off ramp! And then… no kidding… construction on 7th street! One lane only!

And then I actually got to campus… this last part you students will have the least sympathy for… but the faculty / staff lot behind the theater, turns out when you don’t get to campus till 10am, it’s jammed! Imagine that – parking crunch @CSULB!!!

So I wound up parking at the other end of campus and schlepped my laptop and stuff over to the theater. Wow. Kinda like being a student!

Anyway, REALLY sorry! The first class I’ve missed in teaching here 6 years. Lucky us, TA Liz was able to take care of things, show you some of the nice work from last semester and talk about this week’s project. Yay Liz!

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