Cool Plaster Casting Projects

For those of you who were able to make it out to Seal Beach Pier on Thursday, it was awesome to have a little time to hang out and visit outside the rush of our classroom. Awesome projects from everyone whatever day you went! 🙂

After Spring Break we’re heading over to the Venice Legal Art Walls, once again, you don’t have to go when we go, but some of your TA’s and I will be at Venice on Saturday, April 14 from 10a – 2p. Remember the Venice Art Walls are only open Sat & Sun, from 10am to half hour before sunset. So we do need 1 Saturday or Sunday from you — it doesn’t have to be that weekend, it could be the week before or Spring Break or any weekend between now and then.

Meanwhile, on to Plaster Casting projects!

Some Rockin’ 9a Projects:

Some Rockin’ 11a Projects:

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